Summer is here and you still don’t know where to spend a vacation? Earth’s selection of potential vacation destinations is extremely varied, and sometimes we might find it difficult to discover the location of our dreams, whether we’re looking to impress our loved ones or we’re just aching for adventurous times. Consequently, we decided to create this top 7 that includes a selection of perfect vacation destinations for couples, families or groups of friends. All you have to do is keep on reading and choose the one that suits you best. Let’s get started, shall we?

Salar Uyuni – Bolivia

Salar Uyuni in Bolivia is the largest salt desert in the world. At an altitude of over 3600 meters (11,995 feet) and a surface of 10,582 square kilometers (4,086 square miles), this unique desert offers fantastic sightseeing opportunities for its visitors regardless of the season. For example, if you’d choose to visit this place during the dry season, you’d be able to admire a superb white panorama, but if you’re more of a romantic, we suggest going there during the rainy season when the water creates a perfect reflexion of the sky. This place also impresses with 3 important lagoons: the Green Lagoon, famous for its turquoise waters, Laguna Blanca, whose white color stems from its underwater minerals, and Laguna Colorada, where you’d be able to admire delightful Flamingo birds as well as the reddish environment caused by algae pigments and red sediments. You can also find a train cemetery near Salar Uyuni as well as many other amazing attractions.

A sublime tourist destination is the island country named Seychelles, where 115 islands are united under one banner thus forming a remarkable ensemble, much like a piece of Heaven. Seychelles can be found 1500km (932) miles east of Africa, right to the north of the Madagascar peninsula in the Indian Ocean. Here, aside from enjoying delightful walks on the beach along the coast, you would be able to visit the Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve, which boasts exquisite flora and fauna examples. You could also visit the Aldabra Atoll, which houses the largest coral atoll in the world – a true living fossil that can be found exclusively in this part of the world and which represents the home of giant sea turtles. Those who are passionate about sports and adventure would uncover a satisfying array of water-based activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing and many more. The sunrise and sunset, the fine white sands, the shadows of the palm trees and the breeze of the crystal clear ocean waters create a perfect atmosphere for relaxation and fulfillment. That’s what Seychelles is all about.

Ha Long Bay – Vietnam

Ha Long Bay means “Bay of Descending Dragons”, and it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth – a true outdoor geology museum that remained under the clear blue sky for almost 300 million years. Situated in northern Vietnam at 170km (105) miles east of the Hanoi capital, this bay includes 1600 monolithic islands that distinguish themselves from each other through different shapes and sizes while retaining a common element in the form of rich vegetation. The turquoise waters of the Tonkin gulf, the mysterious caves and the idyllic beaches form a magnificent and harmonious setting for a memorable vacation. Dare to discover nature, spoil your taste buds with delicious Vietnamese dishes and hear the legends of these exquisite islands! They would definitely meet and surpass all of your expectations.

Meteora – Greece

A special tourist attraction, far removed from the age of technology, can be discovered within the Tesalia region of central Greece. Here stands Meteora – an impressive complex of orthodox monasteries that are suspended on a series of natural rock pylons, many of which are over 300 meters (984 feet) tall. Unique in the world, this complex includes 24 monasteries, which date all the way back to the 14th century. Today, only 6 of them can be visited, while the others are unfortunately in ruin. Access to the monasteries can be achieved in about 2 hours, and it is facilitated by a series of steps that were carved into the rock or built out of wood. Whether you find yourself at the Grand Meteor, Agios Stefanos, Agios Nikolaos or any other monastery, the panoramas of the city called Kalambaka, situated at Meteora’s base, would be amazing from any angle. A sacred and fascinating destination rich with culture and history, Meteora bestows a feeling of freedom and excitement onto its fortunate visitors.

Pamukkale – Turkey
Also known as the “Cotton Castle”, Pamukkale is a natural tourist attraction that can be found within the Denizli Province in southwestern Turkey. Officially recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988, this amazing place features incredible underground volcanic activity, which caused its numerous hot springs to surface. Another impressive attraction at Pamukkale is a cave that used to be called Plutonium (as in the place of the Pluto god), and which was used for religious rituals by the Cybele priests during the old days. Nearby, there is an old Roman Bath that used to be a part of the old city called Hierapolis. The bath houses the Hierapolis Archaeology Museum ever since 1984, and it shelters and protects numerous artifacts from Hierapolis but also from other important ancient towns such as Colossae, Laodiceia and Tripolis. If you are passionate about history or you just want to see the natural beauty of the hot springs, Pamukkale is definitely the right place for you to visit during your holiday.

Tianzi Mountains – China

Nature never ceases to surprise us! The Tianzi Mountains natural reserve in China confirms this fact with its unique shape and age of 380 million years. A truly special holiday destination awaits just north of the Wulingyuan area in the Hunan province in China. With a total surface of 67 square kilometers (25 square miles) and a maximum altitude of 1262 meters (4140 feet), the Tianzi Mountains form an overwhelming sight that can take anyone’s breath away thanks to their immense beauty and grandeur. In order to be able to admire these soaring thin peaks, you can walk across several access trails or ride an elevator that reaches an altitude of 335 meters (1099 feet). The Bailong elevator is considered one of the most innovative constructions of its kind in the world. Furthermore, if you would choose to visit the Tianzi Mountains, you’d be able to see the place that James Cameron used to film his famous Avatar movie. Quite a treat, wouldn’t you say?

Antelope Canyon – United States

In order to be able to enjoy the unexpected and hidden beauties of the Antelope Canyon in Navajo territory, USA, you’d have to hire a professional guide. The guide would show you all of these incredible hidden areas and would lead the way to places where you and your friends would be able to admire a surreal scenery formed by the sunrays as they penetrate small cracks and lighten up the orange rocky walls within the canyon. The curvy, wavy appearance of Antelope Canyon has shaped by rainwater that sculpted the edges of this unique natural landmark over the centuries. claims that tourists who attempt to descend on the curved slopes of the canyon are able to experience thrills that are similar to a journey to the center of the Earth. Sounds exciting, right?

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