In our humble opinion, there’s really no such thing is a bad Harley Davidson bike, especially since there are so many tuning companies out there that can repair and improve even the most beat up and broken models. The bike that we’re going to present today was probably not broken to begin with since we’re talking about a Harley-Davidson Dyna Street Bob – one of the most reliable and appreciated motorcycles of the 1980s and 1990s.

The bike is called “Urban Cavalry” and was created by a company called Rough Crafts under the supervision of Winston Yeh. As you can see for yourself, this is no ordinary Dyna as it boasts a series of eye-catching, contemporary improvements that allow it to easily stand out among its peers.

The main modifications involved the addition of a titanium exhaust system complemented by Satya Kraus Kawasaki forks and a Roaring Toyz swingarm. The standard brakes were swapped for a custom-built system based on six-piston calipers complemented by composite rotors. As far as power is concerned, the Dyma Urban Cavalry boasts a 1689cc engine as well as a BDL open belt drive that ensures extra lightness. You can admire it in its entire splendor by scrolling down.

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