Founded in 1874 by Georges Piaget himself, Piaget is a luxury watch-making and jewelry-making company that is based in Geneva, Switzerland. Ever since its humble beginnings, the company strived to create luxurious, eye-catching and immensely valuable products, many of which could very well be considered works of art. One of the most valuable sources of inspiration for Piaget’s experts is the ever-beautiful rose – a symbol of passion, purity, beauty and elegance.

The Piaget Rose Passion high jewelry collection is almost too beautiful to be described in words, but we’ll give it our best shot anyway. This mesmerizing collection comprises no less than 75 jewelry pieces as well as 25 watches, all of which reflect the outstanding attention to detail and long hours that were invested in their creation. The collection does invoke the rose motif repeatedly, but it does so with a tropical twist since numerous pieces flaunt combinations of colors such as green, blue, deep red, pink and orange. The color combination was chosen specifically in order to remind of the exotic Caribbean environment that was such a big part of Joséphine de Beauharnais’s childhood. Just in case you weren’t aware, Joséphine de Beauharnais was the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte and she was born in Martinique. During her younger years, Joséphine was surrounded by gorgeous flowers brought from the Caribbean, and since she loved flowers so much, she later decided to create and tend to a huge rose garden at her Château de Malmaison.

The Piaget Rose Passion collection was showcased aptly by Bar Refaeli during a special celebratory party, whre she wore an exquisite set of white gold Rose Passion earrings adorned with 281 brilliant-cut diamonds, a white gold Rose Passion necklace with 676 brilliant-cut diamonds and a white gold and diamond Rose ring. Pink is definitely the color that is present the most throughout the collection, but green gems were also added for a touch of freshness and contrast. Further emphasizing on the life of the Empress, some of the jewelry pieces feature Laurel branches that have marquise-cut diamonds as leaves thus reminding of Joséphine’s gorgeous embroidered dresses.
Furthermore, Piaget stated that it has every intention to fully restore the magnificent rose garden at Château de Malmaison by helping the establishment plant no less than 750 stunning roses. Below you will find a series of images depicting some of the collection’s main highlights, including a fabulous Piaget Rose Passion necklace set in diamonds and tourmalines, as well as the fabulous Piaget Rose Passion watch with a pink sapphire as its centerpiece.


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