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Mercedes S600 Guard Is Completely Bulletproof

It would be nice to live in a world where armored cars wouldn’t be needed, but the reality is that danger lurks at every corner for those of you who enjoy great popularity, whether we’re talking about businessmen, philanthropists, movie stars or athletes. Choosing a bulletproof car might seem like a simple task, as all it should be able to do is save your life in the event of an attack, but you should also consider comfort, power, and stability.

As it happens, Mercedes aims to satisfy even the most demanding needs when it comes to personal security on the road, and since we can all agree that Mercedes is one of the most reputable automakers on the entire planet, we can safely assume that its bulletproof S600 Guard car is pretty dependable.

The car is based on the latest edition of the Mercedes S-Class, which means that it is able to deliver a perfect balance of comfort and power. Now since we’re talking about a heavily reinforced vehicle, we’re also talking about quite a bit of extra weight, but the brilliant minds that were responsible for the creation of this beast refrained from sharing exact information regarding the vehicle’s scale-tipping figures. Truthfully, it’s not hard to understand why they would choose to be cautious as that kind of information could probably encourage potential attackers to comb for weak spots. We do know that it is powered by a roaring 6.0-litre V12 engine that is good for 612lb ft of torque and 525 horsepower, and we can also tell you that Guard can reach a top speed of 130 mph. Not bad at all.

Moving on to the actual protection-related improvements, we’ll mention a underbody armor that ensures much-needed guarding against buried IEDS, but polycarbonate-coated interior glass and a special “splinter” protection are also a part of the package.  All in all, the Mercedes S600 Guard received the VR9 level of ballistic protection, which is actually the highest achievable rating. This means that Guard is able to take on rounds from military-grade rifles, while its run-flat tires are able to soldier on for 19 miles after they’ve been damaged.

This all sounds quite impressive and we’d love to tell you a bit about the price tag of this Mercedes Guard goliath, but there’s no information regarding its wallet-shriveling capabilities just yet. It won’t be cheap, but that’s not just because it’s a Mercedes. This thing is nearly indestructible.