Sketched out by the expert yacht builders at Ginton Naval Architects and built in Turkey by Mengi Yay, the lavishly beautiful NB 89 superyacht is set to hit the waves in September this year. The vessel started to take shape in 2013, and it already boasts RINA certification, but what makes this particular superyacht special is the fact that its hull and superstructure are made out of wood entirely. For sturdiness and reliability, the hull flaunts no less than 3 levels of cross coating, but we should also mention the posts, wale, and keel that were enveloped in an epoxy-laminate system.

The NB 89 superyacht measures 119 feet in length and features impressive performance capabilities for a vessel of its size. Thanks to a pair of powerful engines of 1,925 horsepower each, this yacht will be able to reach a top speed of 24 knots as well as a cruising speed of 20 knots. As far as living arrangements go, the NB 89 superyacht features 4 guest cabins as well as a luxurious master suite, which is equipped with high-end amenities and generously sized windows that feature exquisite panoramas. When it comes to facilities, we’ll mention the kitchen outfitted with modern appliances as well as the spacious saloon that offers endless relaxation and entertainment opportunities.

Spacious, luxurious and stunningly beautiful, the NB 89 superyacht has all the necessary qualities of a premium vessel. Thanks to a special stabilizer placed under the structure, the fortunate owner of this lavish yacht would be able to enjoy smooth and non-eventful sailing experiences even during perilous weather conditions, which is a welcomed commodity indeed.


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