Le Peep Boutique is a unique and exclusive members’ club, cocktail bar and restaurants that is set to open its doors in October at one of London’s finest areas: Park Lane. The club is owned by none other than Mark Alexiou and features a committee that includes the likes of Keira Chapman, David Gandy Tom Hardy and Ray Liotta. Those who wish to be a part of Le Peep Boutique will have to be chosen by this committee and introduced formally, but by now you’re probably wondering: why would anyone want to be a part of this club anyway?

For starters, apart from its highly coveted location, the venue itself is truly a sight to behold. The interior arrangements of the establishment were inspired in their design by the unique atmosphere of the roaring twenties and Paris – The City of Light. The décor elements and the art deco windows were envisioned by skilled architect Nick Leith-Smith, who did a remarkable job in creating a welcoming atmosphere that oozes glamour and fine taste.
The restaurant will open each and every night at 8PM and will tempt with an exquisite dining menu put together by Christian Coates. The menu includes delicious Parisian street food such as purple frites with pepper fillet-steak lollipops or ricotta stuffed galettes complemented aubergine caviar. As you would expect from a high-end locale, all of the ingredients used in the preparation process are natural, fresh and delicious.

The hand-made bar will be used to serve delicious champagne cocktails and macaron inspired cocktails. For a touch of modernism, the venue’s ceiling flaunts a large LED Samsung screen that will project breathtaking images of the night’s sky over Paris as well as various videos from the 1920s.

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