We’ve admired it in its entire splendor at the 2014 Baselworld event in Switzerland and we loved everything about it. We’re talking about the Grande Seconde Tourbillon Aventurine watch by Jaquet Droz – a Swiss watchmaking company that is widely famous for its luxurious and reliable products.

The Grande Seconde Tourbillon Aventurine is so much more than just a simple time-measuring gadget. This watch is a work of art and a testament to the dedication and skill of Jaquet Droz’ artisans, who did an exceptional job in penning down and materializing this sublime design.

The name of the watch was chosen specifically in light of its dial and special oscillating weight, both of which were cut from a superb Aventurine precious stone. The tourbillion can be admired in its entire splendor through a special opening on the dial, which also betrays a glittering display of mineral-based adornments that vividly represent the starry sky at night.

Grande Seconde Tourbillon Aventurine

The case measures 39mm and is made out of lavish white gold. The lugs, the bezel, and the dial were decorated with majestic diamonds, as were the contours of the 2 subdials that form the renowned Jaquet Droz figure-8 motif. All in all, this watch flaunts 382 brilliant-cut diamonds in total, which is a generous number of adornments considering the relatively small size of the piece itself. With a self-winding mechanism and a power reserve of 7 days, this timepiece is as reliable and accurate as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Part of a limited edition of just 28 units worldwide, the Grande Seconde Tourbillon Aventurine by Jaquet Droz will undoubtedly become highly coveted by luxury enthusiasts and connoisseurs soon enough. We can’t give you any details regarding the price of this product just yet, but we can give you the opportunity to admire it in its entire splendor by attaching a series of images just below. Enjoy!

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