Are Eco-Resorts worth a visit?

It’s true that some eco-resorts choose to forgo luxury in favor of a minimal environmental footprint, but others do manage to achieve a blend of comfort and eco-friendliness. One such a resort is Saffire Freycinet – a corner of paradise located in Tasmania, Australia. Eco-tourism is gaining more ground as the years go by, and rightfully so, as more and more people are becoming concerned with humanity’s impact on good old planet Earth. As for Saffire Freycinet, the resort boasts incredible sustainability, all in an effort to restore its surroundings after prolonged abuse.

To be more specific, the area used to serve as a caravan park and backpackers’ accommodation. In time, the retreat’s presence will likely reverse the damage, all while allowing its visitors to experience memorable vacations in one of Australia’s most picturesque places.

What does Saffire Freycinet have to offer?

Accommodations include 20 exquisite suites in the main building. The organic roof of this building reminds us of a bird in flight, and it was put together using curved Tasmanian wood. Moreover, large windows afford fantastic views of the nearby coast and low-lying brush. Other environmentally sustainable efforts comprise incredibly efficient hot water usage, natural cycle airflow systems, LED lighting, insulation, and double glazing.

During your stay, you’ll be able to spend some time at the Spa or enjoy culinary delights at the local Palate Restaurant. The restaurant ensures multi-course degustation menus complemented by fabulous wines, to say nothing of the panoramic views that can undoubtedly enhance the experience.

Saffire Freycinet has received quite a few accolades over the years, including the No.1 Luxury Hotel in Australia, and the No.1 Best Service in Australia. For more information regarding booking and packages, feel free to visit the resort’s own website.

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