Since 2007, the advertising department over at John Lewis has been treating us with incredibly beautiful commercials that officially mark the beginning of the holiday season. However, while last year’s advert was considered by many to be a bit too sad, the British department store chain has decided to lift our spirits a bit this year with the help of an adorable dog named Biff and a series of CGI-made animals.


The advert in question was named “Buster the Boxer,” and shows off father preparing a trampoline as a present for his daughter. As the trampoline sits in the yard waiting to be discovered by the little girl, local animals give it a “test run” so to speak by jumping on it throughout the night while poor Buster watches them with a sad face from within the house.


We’ll let you discover the rest of the story yourself, but we will tell you that the entire Christmas commercial cost John Lewis about £1 million to make. This definitely places it amidst some of the most expensive commercials in the world, and we’d say that it is also one of the most inspiring. This year, the store will spend about £6 million on various TV slots, and it will also sell plush toy versions of the animals featured in “Buster the Boxer.”

Make sure to a look at the commercial below!


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