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Hammacher Schlemmer Creates a Cold Coffee Brewer That Costs Nearly $2K

Cold Coffee Brewer

Is any cold coffee brewer actually worth $2,000?

Cold coffee brewers are superior in some ways when compared to regular devices. Be that as it may, some of you might argue that $2k is too much to spend on a coffee maker. Bear with us, as a company named Hammacher Schlemmer has decided to create a unique-looking cold coffee brewer inspired by Japanese culture. To be more specific, the brewer follows the guidelines of Kyoto style cold brewed coffee.

Now, before I tell you a bit more about this expensive coffee maker, it’s important to know the difference between cold brewed and hot brewed coffee. It’s also crucial to know the difference between cold brewed and iced coffee, as the two have very little in common after all. In short, iced coffee is hot brewed coffee that is cooled off very quickly. The taste might be different from hot coffee, but the brewing process is largely the same. True cold brewed coffee avoids heat altogether, and that’s what makes it superior.

The science of it all.

Some of the world’s leading coffee experts will tell you that coffee is chemistry, and I definitely agree with them. In order to create the perfect cuppa joe, you need to take into consideration both temperature and brewing time, as they will both affect the rate of the coffee’s oxidation.

Usually, hot brewed coffee offers a pleasant balance of acidity and sweetness, namely the sweet and bitter blend that we all know and love. On the other hand, cold brewed coffee is sweeter and smoother, and it has considerably less bitterness.

Cold Coffee Brewer

  • Coffee normally dissolves at around 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit (90 to 96 degrees Celsius). This is very close to the boiling point of water, mind you. As a result, the main compounds are dissolved quickly, and you can enjoy the brew in a matter of minutes.
  • Cold brewed coffee requires patience, as brewing times range widely from hours to days. However, as cold water pulls out the coffee flavors slowly, the end result is sweeter and closer to the coffee’s natural aroma.

Back to the Hammacher Schlemmer cold brewer.

Now that we know a bit about cold brewing, it’s worth noting that Hammacher Schlemmer’s product prepares coffee in 8 to 16 hours. This timer can be adjusted by the owner, but as you can probably imagine, a longer brewing time yields the best results. The device measures 41-inches in height, and it can brew 90-ounces of cold coffee. It weighs in at 20.5 pounds, and it looks like a complex chemistry device.

Cold Coffee Brewer

Is it worth $1,950, though? Hard to say, but given that the brewing method follows a well-respected Japanese tradition, it’s definitely worth giving it a try. Cold brewed coffee originated in Japan, but it was actually introduced by the Dutch during the 1600s. In order to prepare Kyoto-style coffee, a large glass tower is usually necessary. The height of the tower, as well as the quality of its components, can play a key role in securing that perfect blend.

At any rate, if you’d like to purchase this product and enjoy a delicious cold brew coffee, make sure to visit the Hammacher Schlemmer website! It might be the most expensive cold coffee brewer in the world, but it might also be the best.


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