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H2ome Is A Luxe Residence At The Bottom Of The Sea

It’s true that the world’s population is getting bigger as the years go by, which means that cities are expanding and neighborhoods are becoming more and more crowded. However, if you really want to enjoy your privacy without having to move to the peak of a mountain or in a remote cave, we’re going to let you in on a very interesting alternative: a house at the bottom of the sea. Now this is no ordinary house, mind you; it offers luxurious living conditions that rival with many expensive villas found on land.

So you get to live at the bottom of the sea in your own luxury villa that offers 340 square meters of living space as well as majestic views of the underwater world. What’s the catch? Well, you have to pay $10 million for the privilege, and that’s definitely out of reach for common individuals. Still, the residence shows that underwater living is perfectly possible, which means that prices might go down in the future as long as the trend catches on.

The residence is called H2ome and is being developed by a company called U.S. Submarine Structures. It can be entered via submarine, and it features its own atrium, libraries, kitchen, dining room, minibar, and bathrooms. Glass ceilings allow the inhabitants to admire unique views, but the walls also boast utmost transparency because they were made out of acrylic panels. You can probably spot Spongebob while you enjoy your morning coffee.