Pharell Williams has been enjoying great success lately thanks to his collaboration with famed French duo Daft Punk but also thanks to his own worldwide hit called “Happy”. Aside from this musical endeavors, the artist also collaborates extensively with various fashion brands such as Adidas or Uniqlo, but one of his most impressive works was done for the G-Star RAW For The Oceans collection.

This innovative clothing line features a stunning selection of bomber jackets, jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts and trench coats, all boasting outstanding looks. However, what makes this particular collection special is the fact that it was created using a very special fabric called Bionic Yarn, which is extracted out of junk plastic bottles found in the ocean. This way, G-Star RAW helps clean up the waters while providing outstanding clothing alternatives for men and women alike, and Pharell Williams agreed to help showcase the alternatives by staring in a fabulous photo shoot. The collection reportedly used up about 10 tons of recycled plastic, and it is represented by an original and loveable Otto the Octopus logo.

The incredible G-Star RAW For The Oceans collection featuring Pharrell Williams will become available at the G-Star RAW online store starting September 5. Just scroll below if you want to see the collection up close!

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