De Beers is not a company that launches jewelry collections every year, but when it does, its products always enjoy profound admiration and quickly become symbols of excellence in the luxury world. The London-based jeweler unveiled its previous Imaginary Nature collection back in 2012, and even though the line was simply breathtaking in all regards, the brand new Aria Collection is arguably even more impressive.

Aria was launched officially in London, and as with all De Beers bundles, it focuses on showcasing the immeasurable beauty and grace of diamonds, but with a white gold twist. Flaunting a generous array of covetable jewelry pieces, De Beers Aria includes luxe necklaces, lovely earrings and fabulous watches that ooze elegance and sophistication from each and every pore. However, what makes this collection instantly recognizable is its unique and breathtaking design. The diamond – a symbol of purity, beauty, delicacy and strength, is surrounded by white gold strips that form a superb spiraling motif. This motif is a key part of all of these masterpieces, and it definitely brings that touch of originality and fine art that we’ve come to expect from a company of this caliber.

The stunning white gold Aria watches flaunt 4.35 karats of diamonds, while the necklaces can have as much as 10 karats of diamonds each. Those with lighter pockets that still wish to purchase a fine De Beers piece will be glad to know that the company also included a few smaller signature pieces that feature just 0.15 karats of lavish diamond adornments.

The De Beers Aria collection became available globally on July 24, 2014. As time goes by, it will undoubtedly become one of the most coveted and appreciated jewelry line in the world.



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