Three years ago, the brilliant experts of a Scottish distillery that goes by the name of Ardbeg Distillery decided that aging their whiskey in regular old casks was just too boring and too mainstream, and so they sent some spirits out into space as part of a very interesting and unique experiment. More specifically, they sent 20 vials containing non-matured whiskey all the way up to the International Space Station, where it’s been sitting (or maybe floating) for the last 3 years. The dawn of the experiment was honored quite tastefully with the release of the exquisite Galileo 12-year-old single malt whiskey.

To aid Ardbeg in its endeavor, a space research firm named NanoRacks lent a hand, especially since its own people were very keen to find out how the drink would age under the effects of special microgravity conditions found in space. Come September 12, the vials are set to return to Earth on board the Soyuz-U Rocket, which will touchdown in Kazakhstan. The “space whisky” will then be taken to Houston where it will be analyzed and compared to other similar drinks that are aging in regular conditions since 2011.


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