iMac Pro

The new iMac Pro is going on sale today.

We all know that Apple’s products are not exactly cheap, whether we’re talking about its smartphones, laptops, or accessories. However, when it comes to computers, the Cupertino-based company is taking things to a brand new level. With the launch of the new iMac Pro on December 14th, Apple is breaching into crazy price territory. The computer in question is the priciest ever produced by Apple, and it is also the most powerful. Still…

How much performance can you get for $5000?

There’s no point in skepticism here. Even though that’s a lot of money, part of it is quite justified. For starters, the PC is equipped with Intel’s extremely powerful Xeon processors that flaunt 8, 10, 14, or 18 cores. As for RAM, 128GB will definitely be enough for creative professionals who spend most of their time using memory-hungry applications such as Final Cut Pro and Motion. Perhaps even more impressive is the whopping 2 TB of flash storage, which is bound to ensure lightning-fast response times.

As for looks, the iMac Pro doesn’t look all that different when compared to Apple’s previous PCs. The keyboard and chassis boast a darker tone of grey, but that’s pretty much it. The $4,999 price tag is for a standard build, but various other upgrades will surely be available at extra cost.

That being said, the final price tag of Apple’s most expensive computer could easily reach $8000. With that kind of cash, most users should probably build their own rigs using individual parts. That’s not to say the iMac Pro won’t sell. Knowing Apple, it will actually be quite a success.


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